Conference Chairman’s Words

High power laser plays a very important role in nowadays industrial processing and future industrial restructuring, in 2015,the field of high power laser processing maintain a 5% moderate growth. With the "China Manufacture2025" and "The Belt and Road" national development strategy, in metal cutting and tubing processing ,the high power laser will embrace a new peak. The forum as an influential industry event, has attracted many domestic and foreign experts to participate, I hope this be the opportunity to the industry and wish a successful event.

Expert Comments

Professor Zhang: I think the technology involved in this meeting is relatively new, trans-boundary knowledge required, I am actually the student and to learn here. Communicate with the specialists from different fields help me a lot, for I can only do laser welding but here I get to know many industry professionals and many other laser applications,such as Addictive manufacturing and high power laser application, are the ones I am interested in. This is an opportunity to learn.

Meeting Background

Laser as the strategic emerging industry, has been important in various applications, also developing rapidly. High power laser , which occupied 63% of the total sales revenue of industrial laser market, and it is gaining momentum. At the same time, higher prices also added contribution to the market. Most of its application are in the field of metal processing, such as communication, aerospace, transportation and metal products ,also in the express train, aircraft parts, car parts, shipbuilding industry, tubing cutting and welding, attracted high attention.

The field of high power laser processing, maintain the appropriate growth of 5% in 2015. The development of the global economy in next three years will continue to maintain a modest and unbalanced growth momentum, which will once again lead to a slowdown investment growth especially in the metal cutting and welding market, which is the largest market for high power laser. With the growth of the need of laser processing, industrial applications require faster processing speed, higher work efficiency and machined with thicker sheet metal available. Therefore, market demand will be more.

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